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We believe in providing excellence to our clients, Which can only be achieved with the support and drive of our team combined with our quality assurance system.

About Ultimate Business Solutions

Established in 1998 by Lucy Milekovic. At the time Lucy was working as an Assistant Accountant for a company that was sold to a multi national and the whole accounts department at Revesby was retrenched. This happed exactly 1 week before the birth of Lucy’s 2nd daughter.

Being able to work from home and juggle family and business was a priority for Lucy and her husband Peter, so Ultimate Business Solutions started in the corner of the rumpus room of Lucy’s Illawong home in September 1998.

Beginning from a zero client base, the first client was obtained by Lucy seeing an advertisement in the “Leader” (local paper in Sutherland Shire) for a bookkeeper. Lucy had a few discussions with the owner of the business and they agreed to give the bookkeeping a try remotely, a very new concept in 1998!

It was successful and the accountant of that client was impressed with the quality of the work, contacted Lucy and asked if she was looking for more work…the referral based business was born.

Gradually the business grew over the years and UBS would engage other local bookkeepers to work from their home. This is where the first procedures were needed so that other team members would know what to do, especially as everyone was not in the same office. Quality was key right from the very start of the business.

Year 2000, the introduction of GST, this was a game changer and made bookkeepers indispensable! The change in accounting software and the rapid change of technology really began here for the accounting world.

The regular referrals continued and the business grew to the point where the company needed to move into the current Sutherland location in 2006. By this time there were 4 staff members and several clients and Lucy felt that it was starting to get out of control. The corner of the rumpus room was getting a little small!

UBS are now a team of 12 bookkeepers taking care of approximately 250 clients, ensuring they have accurate and timely data and give clients time back to run their business.

UBS employ in Australia only, believing it is very important to give young Australians an opportunity for training. Our trainees stay on for many years and train the next generation trainees.

Over the years we have developed a set of procedures and checklists that make us what we are today. In 2017 this was formalised and UBS decided to apply for their Quality Assurance certification with SAI Global. Only 2 bookkeeping firms in Australia and 5 world wide hold Quality Assurance certification for BAS and payroll.

Our Quality Assurance System has made us a better business. Our processes are audited externally to ensure everyone is following the right process in the right time frame. We also have a dedicated internal auditor that spot checks files.

Quality is key to our business. We have a reputation for producing good quality work and our business is currently a 100% referral based business.

Our Vision & Mission

Ultimate Business Solutions are a certified Quality Assured company built through recommendations, known for being at the cutting edge of technology and delivering phenomenal value to our clients. Our future relies on the development of the next generation of professionals.

We are very proud of our vision and strive to achieve this goal every day.

It is read by a team member once a week at our weekly meeting just to remind everyone why we are here.

Leverage our extensive expertise in bookkeeping and client management

Commonly asked questions

Since 1998, Ultimate Business Solutions has grown to a team of over 12. With a core focus on our client needs for accurate, timely reports and clear communication, we are fortunate to continually receive referrals from our clients and their business advisors.

What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

Bookkeepers are trained to enter information into a system accurately, efficiently and completely and then pass onto the accountant. Some of the tasks to achieve this result may be:

Reconcile all accounts (not just bank accounts)

Ensure business expenditure claims can be substantiated

Process payroll

Process superannuation

Prepare Business Activity Statements (BAS)

Prepare Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)

Prepare supporting documentation for accountant

Provide accurate and timely reports to the client

Ensure the client is statutory compliant

Accountants are trained to analyse and dissect this data and advise the client based on the data provided by the bookkeeper. These tasks may include:

Review accounts provided by the bookkeeper

KPI analysis with client


Business advice

Taxation advice

If the accounts provided by the bookkeeper are accurate this gives the accountant the data they need to give the client the advice they need.

Do I need an accountant if I have a bookkeeper?

Yes.  Bookkeepers are not permitted to give taxation advise or lodge tax returns.  Your bookkeeper will work closely with your accountant providing them with the data to:

  1. Give you the taxation advise you need
  2. Give you the business advice you need
  3. Prepare and lodge your tax returns
Will I have one bookkeeper assigned to me that will take care of me?

Yes, you will have one bookkeeper assigned to take care of you.  They will prepare a customised and detailed procedure of your work.

If your regular bookkeeper is off, another staff member can step in and perform your work to the same high standard and timeliness of your regular bookkeeper.

Internal procedures are tested regularly by other staff so we are sure there is no ‘assumed knowledge’ that has crept it’s way in.

How do you charge?

We quote in advance and charge a fixed monthly fee.  In order to provide a proposal access is needed to your Xero file and we need to have a meeting to discuss what work is needing to be done by our firm.

We provide a clear quote including:

  1. What tasks UBS will be performing
  2. What tasks the client will still be performing (if they wish)
  3. Estimate transaction count
  4. Staff count
  5. Timelines
  6. Deadlines

Same price every month unless the scope or works changes, or volume changes (up or down). If catch up work is needed a one off quote will be provided. No work is commenced or done without agreed pricing up front. You will NEVER receive a ‘surprise’ invoice from UBS.

What software do you use?

Our preferred software product for the accounting is Xero. 

This is a more cost effective solution for our clients also as it is very efficient compared to some other products which keeps your monthly bookkeeping fees lower.

We also love using Receipt Bank – this helps with processing supplier invoices and enables our clients to be paperless.

Does it matter where I am located?

No.  We are a fully online business and depending on your location in Australia we can meet you face to face or line up a Zoom meeting.  If paperwork needs to be collected, we are happy to organise our courier to collect it.

Our only restriction is that we only work with Australian businesses.  If you have an entity in another country, we would not be able to do the bookkeeping for that entity, as we are not aware of tax law in other countries.

Can you lodge my BAS?

Yes. We are registered BAS service providers and can prepare and lodge your BAS for you. If you have quarterly BAS obligations and lodge with UBS, you also receive a 4 week extension of time from the ATO to lodge and pay your BAS, which can be nice for cashflow!


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