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We often wear many different hats at UBS and work hard for advisory meetings between CFO or Accountants be as productive as they can be. Go into your client meeting with completed accurate data, rather then discussing problems in the file, you can spend time discussing growth and moving the business forward.

Working with Accountants

We are here to make you look good in front of your clients! We like to have an ongoing working relationship with our clients accountants so that there are very few adjustments needed at year end. This benefits everyone, especially our mutual client as it means their reports are accurate throughout the year.

If your client has their bookkeeping done by UBS, it will give you more time at year end to review the file and give client advice. We do not provide advisory work to our clients, we get the file to the stage where it is ready for you to provide such advice. Your advice will be sound as it will be based on accurate data.

Outsourced CFO’s and

Business Coaches

Do you need accounts finalised to 100% accuracy with a tight deadline after month end. This enables you to have accurate data when you meet with your client. The meetings will be productive and enable you to make real changes with the client.

Retain and improve your relationship with your client. Let them have the one relationship with you and we take care of the bookkeeping in the background.

You may find that many clients want a ‘one stop shop’ and one point of communication and ask you to do the bookkeeping. If you are not setup to do the bookkeeping, this is where our White Label service may be of benefit to both the client and your firm.

UBS provide a bookkeeping service under several different accounting firm names. This means that your firm can provide the bookkeeping service your client is requesting, cementing that relationship and yet not causing you problems in terms of workflow if your practice is not set up for bookkeeping.

Frequently asked questions by partners

If I refer a client to you, is it a ‘safe’ referral?

Over 95% of our business comes from referrals from accountants.  We sometimes hear horror stories of bookkeepers who receive a client referral then referring that client to another accountant.  There are many ways we take care of our referrals partners to thank them for referrals, many of which make a difference to the operation of their own firm on a daily basis.

If you refer a client to us, we will take very good care of that client and regularly communicate with you in terms of any problems we see in the file, or anything the client may be doing that we believe may need your attention.

We are here to make you look good in front of your client, giving you timely and accurate reports to advise your client on.

How do you charge for White Label?

We provide a detailed and fixed quote to you, the accountant.  You can then brand this as your own and change the pricing as you see fit.  We charge monthly and are happy for the direct debit to be processed a few days after your direct debit with your client, so it should not cause you any cash flow issues.

What do you provide at year end in terms of workpapers?

Supporting documentation for all items in the balance sheet.  We will save items to the Xero Files directory so you have bank reconciliation reports, HP contracts, GST reconciliation etc, so you have all supporting documentation needed.We also have a policy as the year progresses to always attach paperwork for capital expenditure and legal expenses.

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