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We proudly employ in Australia only and follow our Quality Assurance system to ensure we give our clients the best possible result.

ACCURATE AND TIMELY REPORTS give you, the business owner, the data you need to make informed business decisions.

Outsource it all. Reclaim your time. Get back to business.

3 Steps we implement to get you the right result, on time, every time.

Engaging a bookkeeper should be easy!

We understand you are busy and bookkeeping is not your priority.  That is why we are here!  You will  regain the time to run and grow your business.

We have a fast tracked onboarding process so we get you started and up to date as efficiently as possible.

Make the decision to be a data based business and rely on accurate figures.  Know where you stand at all times with live data feeds daily.

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We set up you in our practice management software with all your recurring jobs and deadlines.  All jobs are set up in advance so nothing can be missed.

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Continual update of your customised procedure.  We continually invest in our procedures and as your business needs change, so does our process and procedure.  These procedures ensure our quality and continuity of service all year round.

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We recommend updating your file weekly as a minimum.  This means if we do have a question for you, it will be a recent event and a quick answer for you.  We won’t be asking about expenses that are several months old that you may no longer recall.

About Ultimate Business Solutions

Since 1998, Ultimate Business Solutions has grown to a team of over 12. With a core focus on our client needs for accurate, timely reports and clear communication, we are fortunate to continually receive referrals from our clients and their business advisors.

Many years of refining procedures and checklists have made us what we are today and enabled us to achieve our Quality Assurance Certification.

We are proud to say that all staff are employed in Australia only.

Xero Health Check

Is your data accurate?  Are you making decisions based on inaccurate data?

We dig deep into your file to find any problems…problems in your data lead to problems with your decisions.

What is included?

Several hours of our time to analyse your data and check the accuracy of the processing that has been done. If we find problems we will explain the flow on effect that these problems are causing for you and your business.


You will receive a fully tailored and customised report listing any problems that we have identified.  You can fix these, or we can provide a proposal to make the corrections.

How our team and our systems help your business

Time Saving

Did you really start your business with the goal of spending hours taking care of your bookkeeping?  Well we did!

We give you the time you need to focus on your business.Use your new found time to go and find your next client and you will find it is a very worthwhile investment.


Using our chosen software solutions means you go can paperless!  If you are currently sitting surrounded by lever arch folders and piles and paper, we can take it all away.

Not only is paperless lovely for decluttering, it also makes it easier for you to find the information you need when you need it and have it on hand if you are reviewing your reports directly in Xero.

Repairs and maintenance look a little high that month?  Drill down and look at the actual supplier invoices that are coded there.

Statutory Compliance

It is not fun, but it is necessary and your obligation as a business owner to comply with various legislation.

We take this headache away from you and ensure that

> Wages are processed on time

> Superannuation is processed on time

> BAS is lodged on time

> IAS is lodged on time

> Payroll tax is lodged on time


Timely and accurate reports are vital for business owners to keep track of performance and improve their business.

We have a variety of reports available including budgeting reports so you can check regularly that you are on track for your business goals.

Identifying problems early is key to success and the sooner you identify the problem the sooner you can fix the problem.


What our clients are saying

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Lucy since 2015. I first met Lucy when she became one of Employsure’s very first clients in the infancy years of the business’s start up. Getting to know Lucy throughout the last 7 years, she has always been the go to person with everything back office. Wether it’s accounts, bookkeeping, administration, HR/ WHS, and operations she has you covered. Lucy has the uncanny ability to take ownership of complex issues and be able to resolve them easily and effortlessly time and time again. A kind, professional, courteous, and loyal operator – I am proud to recommend Lucy for any of your business needs.



Outsource it all.

Reclaim your time.

Get back to business.


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