Reporting services at a glance:

Accurate and timely reports allow you to make informed business decisions.
UBS have procedures and checklists in place which ensure that reports are accurate.Several reports are available and the reports that a client needs are discussed at the initial meeting.Reports are customised to meeting individual client needs and include:

Profit and loss by month:
Showing all income and expenditure for a particular month.

Profit and loss v last year: 

Showing current profit and another column with profits for the same period last year.  Great to see if your business is increasing or decreasing in profits and turnover.

Multi-period profit and loss reports: 
Showing all income and expenditure for series of months after each other.  Very useful tool for tracking trends or possible problems.

Balance sheet:
balance sheetDetails of your assets and liabilities and can also be used for cash flow checking.  All items in the balance sheet should be reconciled before being able to rely on the accuracy of the figures.

Budget v actual report:  
A profit and loss report that has one column with actual results, next column with budgeted figures and then a variance column.  Use this report to easily see if you are meeting targets.

Many clients prefer a more visual report and various graphs are available showing variances to last year, trends this year… Pie charts, column graphs and line graphs are available.

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