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Outsourced CFO

Outsourced CFO business where the CFO is working alone and taking care of several clients.

The CFO wants to meet with their client early in the month to discuss and advise on data to end of the previous month.

The CFO found that where clients had their own internal staff doing the bookkeeping, it was:

Not accurate.  Often administration staff doing bookkeeping where they do not have time and are not suitably qualified.

Not done on time, resulting in unproductive or delayed meetings.

Costly.  A full time staff member doing the work when there are more modern and streamlined ways of performing the bookkeeping.

CFO approached Ultimate Business Solutions. 

There was no existing relationship so they decided to test our ability with 1 client to see how successful it was.

We now have 8 clients that we take care of for this CFO, enabling them to grow their business and have timely meetings with clients knowing they can rely on the data and have more time to provide their advisory service.

Outsource it all.

Reclaim your time.

Get back to business.


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