Bookkeeping Services at a glance

Data Entry:
The basis of all bookkeeping and its accuracy is the essence of all that follows! We take care ofall your data entry needs, be it from your own system (eg reservation system for travel industry), tax invoices, cheque books, deposit books or even the dreaded “shoebox” full of receipts.  This is the first burden we take from you when you ask us to do your bookkeeping.

UBS provides a weekly / fortnightly or monthly payroll service for many clients.  Clients who email or fax details to UBS will have payslips, bank payment file and reports back within a few hours.  If you are a payroll client you will have a UBS team member booked in on your payroll day and your payroll will receive priority over all other jobs in the office that day.  UBS understands how important accurate payroll is.  We also track superannuation, PAYG, allowances etc. to ensure that you are meeting all your statutory obligations.

2Payroll Tax:
UBS can calculate and lodge your payroll tax returns for you, in all states of Australia.

BAS and IAS:
UBS are registered BAS service providers with the ATO.  We can lodge your BAS and IAS electronically for you.  If you lodge you BAS quarterly (no monthly IAS) and lodge electronically with UBS, you will receive a 2 week extension on lodgements and payments from the ATO.

Bank Reconciliations:
At the heart of your bookkeeping!  An accurate bank reconciliation confirms that all your data entry is correct and also ensures that all transactions both in and out of your bank accounts and credit cards have been processed correctly in the system.  This ensures that you are taking up all expenses and claiming all GST, and also highlights that all customer payments in the period have made their way into your account.

Foreign Currency:
UBS has several clients that have international bank accounts.  We understand how important it is to have the correct exchange rate in the system so that these are accurately reflected in your profit figures. MYOB enables you to reconcile foreign currency bank accounts, in that currency and then convert to AUD.

Franchisee Bookkeeping: 
Many of our clients are franchises.  We can assist you in lodgement of your reports to the franchisor, completion of KPI figures and ensuring that your chart of accounts agrees with any specific needs of your franchisor.

Franchisor Bookkeeping:
We also have clients that are the Franchisor.  We have implemented standardized reports so that franchisees will all send a report in the one format, making reporting and analysis much easier for head office and saving many hours of work each week.  We can take care of the invoicing for marketing and royalty fees to your franchiees.

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