Bookkeeping for the Hospitality Industry


We know that running a café is a complicated business.

You probably have a wide supplier base compared to most sectors, making daily deliveries with fragmented and varied forms of invoicing and payment.

You may even be making cash payments to some of your smaller suppliers.

In terms of receivables, with a relatively low average unit sale, you’ll be processing thousands of transactions per day – again, many of these will be in cash.

Throw wage costs, rostering and payroll into the mix and you have your hands pretty full.

As self-confessed number and operational geeks, we love to do the jobs you hate – and will install easy-to-manage systems that will make your day-to-day accounting a synch.

We can set you up with an easy to operate, cloud-based bookkeeping system, fully integrated with receipt management and dynamic staff rostering programmes.

A veritable tri-force of management services that will transform your operating procedures and free your time to do what you do best.

With this unique bookkeeping bundle, you will have:

– Complete visibility of your whole-business financials

– Accounting, staff scheduling and payroll all in one place

– Automated systems you can access any time, anywhere on any device with real-time financial data

– Automatic bank feeds to see your numbers in minutes

– Elimination of data entry and associated errors

– The ability to upload photographed receipts to be processed by our software

– Elimination of data duplication

– Securely stored data

– Drag & drop rostering with email and SMS alerts direct to your staff, fully integrated with your payroll software

– Demand planning and leave management

– Fatigue and overtime management

– Tracking of staff training and skill levels for intelli


gent rostering

– Flexible, low-cost payment plans

We’ll provide training and as much ongoing support and guidance as you need.

All in one easy package.


Take control today.

Give us a call for a no-obligation chat to

find out how we can help you.

We’ll buy the coffee…


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