Frequently Asked Questions

blueHow much do you charge?
UBS agree to a fixed monthly fee with their clients. This is done on an individual basis as it based on number of transactions and what extra work may be required. There will never be any surprise invoices with UBS.Our fixed monthly fee is not a contract – we believe that so long as you are happy with our service, you will stay with us!We do ask that our clients sign up to our Ezidebit service, which means your agreed bookkeeping fee is automatically deducted from your account in an agreed date each month.

Are you qualified to do my bookkeeping?

Yes. UBS are registered BAS service providers with the ATO. To be a registered BAS service provider we need:

    • To complete 40 CPE hours per year
    • Have Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Be a member of an accounting association
    • Be fully qualified

Do you provide a regular onsite service at my office brochure

No, UBS works remotely for clients and has the systems and procedures to ensure this is done successfully. The remote work means all work is done from our office in Sutherland by qualified staff following procedures, which is how we control our quality assurance.By having the work done remotely it means that we can also provide continuity of service as any staff member will be able to use the procedure for your work and get the same result as your usual bookkeeper if they are unable to complete your work on a particular day.
How can you do my work remotely? 
With XERO clients, this is cloud based so remote work works very well, no transfer of files is needed and everyone has access to the latest data at all times.
With MYOB clients, there is also cloud version available or if it is the desktop version, UBS mainly uses Remote Desktop Connection to connect to clients servers direct if necessary.
UBS also has several MYOB licences for clients that do not need access to the software themselves and UBS does the bookkeeping in its entirety.
If work is done remotely, how do I get my paperwork to you?
UBS books couriers to collect and return paperwork to clients so that it remain secure and safe at all times.If you use XERO you can scan your paperwork direct into the ‘Files’ section of XERO and we can then attach that paperwork to individual transactions.For some clients we also retain their paperwork for the whole year and do their filing and then return the paperwork, completely filed at the end of the financial year.

Can we come to your office?

Yes, clients regularly come to our office in Sutherland for meeting. Feel free to come and see the team at any time!

Do you come to our office if we need you to?
Yes, we are happy to come to your office for meetings.

Can we have a short-term on site service to get things started?

Yes, we find this works well and helps establish a great relationship with our clients. We can come on site short-term to get a system in place for the work to be done remotely from the office in Sutherland.

Do you provide one-off service?

No, we cannot provide one-off service for anyone who is not a client and does not wish to become an ongoing client.
Do you provide catch up service?
For regular clients and new clients that want UBS to maintain their bookkeeping going forward – YES. We have a mixture of full-time and casual staff, giving us the resources to do catch up jobs and get them done quickly and efficiently.

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